We are Storypunk

We set up Storypunk in 2018 wanting to make developing and producing stories fun, intensely creative – and not ground down to ashes by the time they’re finally written.

We want the story to be true to itself, and to find the narrative form that’s best suited to it – be it podcast, TV series, film – graphic novel too (not to mention forms yet to be devised or otherwise invented somewhere in the universe, as the lawyers put into every rights contract)– and we are working in all these forms.

Our very first project, Temporal, was conceived as a fiction podcast, but always with an eye to how it could be exploited (we know, that’s a truly dreadful concept but it’s basically what happens) in other media, and we’re thrilled to be in discussion with a major audio platform to release it on an unsuspecting world, and with a streamer to develop the TV adaptation.

We’ve also been commissioned to create a unique storyworld which we are now creating as a graphic novel before turning into film and TV.

We have a slate of wild, original material we’ve commissioned from writers we love working with, and we are talking with people in Europe, the US and Africa as well as the UK about how to bring these stories to audiences in the most satisfying way.

We also have a number of film and TV projects in development.